Oil, gas and petrochemical industries are highly capital-intensive and hazard-prone. Unplanned downtime can be very costly. With a large number of assets that need to be maintained, companies in the industry are always looking for ways to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Our remote monitoring solutions can help achieve both of these goals.

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Based on non-intrusive sensors, extremely low-power technology, long-life and replaceable internal batteries, and reliable wireless data transmission, our solutions are designed for easy installation and continuous operation without maintenance for years in harsh environment. Users can remotely monitor the status of the assets, receive early warnings and alarms of failures, and track progressive changes over time.


Within oil, gas and petrochemical industries, the following sensors from our portfolio are often used:

·         Corrosion sensors: Our wireless corrosion sensors use advantage ultrasonic technologies to measure the wall thickness of the pipelines and containers with high accuracy.

·         Pressure sensors: Our wireless pressure sensors use glass micro-melting technology and measures pressure with high precision and low noise.

·         Vibration sensors: Each vibration sensor integrates high-performance piezoelectric and MEMS vibration sensor and temperature sensor to collect the vibration signal of the device faithfully and accurately, use analytical algorithms to calculate a wide range of characteristic values, and transmit original waveform and characteristic data to remote monitoring system.

·         Temperature sensors: Our temperature sensors support platinum thermal resistance probe PT100 and various types of thermocouple probes to suit different applications.


Our solutions increase the safety and longevity of critical assets, reduce downtime by optimizing operation and maintenance activities, and help drive smarter, faster business decisions for industrial companies.


Application Cases:

·         Corrosion Monitoring System Deployed in Oil and Gas Production Site